Wake-up Call

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The International Youth for Africa (IYA) on perception of South Sudanese students who are studying in various a Higher Learning Institutions (Universities) in Kampala.  Since signing the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan. (R-ARCSS) on the September, 2018 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A majority of South Sudanese students and refugees are unaware of the Peace Agreement. The few who are aware may not understand or even read the whole document.  It is critical that all citizens understand the Peace Agreement, take ownership of it as a way to bring peace to their communities, advocate for its implementation, and pressure the parties to the conflict to ensure they remain committed to sustainable peace within the timeframe outlined in the Peace Agreement.  IYA decided to engage the university students on South Sudan Peace Agreement.   October 21st, 2018, IYA engage with the Kyambogo University South Sudanese Students’ Association about their perception on peace implementation in South Sudan.

IYA has been mentoring over 100 Youth from the month of March- to October 2018.  We target those Youth in the University levels, high schools students and those youth sit without doing anything in Kampala.  The IYA came up with campaign called “Wake-up Call” on Youth  This is an inclusive campaign to engaged Youth, women, girls, boys, and religious and community leaders especially in the urban (Kampala) on South Sudan Peace implementation since Youth are the majority in the country, according to {2008} census in South Sudan.  September 2, 2018 IYA addressed the Makerere University South Sudanese Student’ Association about South Sudan Peace Agreement.

September 13, 2018 IYA addressed the South Sudanese refugees living in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement.  One refugee asked, what is the difference between the current peace and pervious peace agreement (2015).  Our answered to her, we said there is distinction between the A-ARCSS and ARCSS is that all parties to conflict this time around do not have any single reservation unlike 2015 peace deal that collapsed in July 2016.  September 21, 2018 Kyambogo University South Sudanese Students’ Association about their perception on peace implementation in South Sudan. November 4, 2018 we addressed the International University of East Africa South Sudanese Student’ Association about the current peace implementation.

Our traveling to those Universities help us on how South Sudanese students in various institutions perceive the Peace Agreement (understand) it.  However, they invite us, to share our knowledge and expertise and encouraging the students and refuges to organize, initiate and improve their lives and disseminate the Peace Agreement among them.

October 24-25 2018, we participated in two days conference organized by Uganda Women Network in partnership with Uganda Feminist Forum in Kampala at Hotel African.  Where we met hundreds of women activist including Dr. Stella Nyanzi Ugandan Feminist and academician.  The issues where deliberated include; where are we? SDGs and Uganda’s Gender Equality journey, Youth is future and refugees question in East Africa.

October 26-27 2018 the International Youth for Africa participated in Kampala Geopolitics Conference 2018 at Makerere University. The issues where deliberated include; avenues for peace and Stability (South Sudan Peace Agreement and admission of South Sudan into East African Community), leave No One behind, democracy in danger? The future of East Africa? , social media, fake and online manipulation and Youth is future? The conference was organized by France Embassy in Partnership Makerere University with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS).