Peace and Reconciliation Workshop

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The International Youth for Africa(IYA) is inviting you to attend a two days training on peace and reconciliation in Kampala-Uganda from 27th to 28th  April, 2017.  The training on peace and reconciliation is designed with the primary purpose of engaging religious leaders, Community leaders, Youth, Women and CSOs for the development of structured of an effective work force.

The training is also structured to provide religious, community, women and youth leaders and CSOs in Uganda with the opportunity to understand how they can work together in order to make peace in their communities in South Sudan. To create positive change in their communities and even in their workplaces, organizations, churches, communities, women forum, youth forum.

The Primary objectives of the training phase are:

  • Participants will be accorded an opportunity to embrace for peace and reconciiation
  • Participants will acquire knowledge and skills on advocacy and lobbying on peace, unity and conflict management in their communities
  • The tranning will expose participants to the key steps on establishing effective partnership and co-existance in their communities
  • Build the capacity of the members on the steps of achieving the peace and reconciliation

For more details contact us:

Ter +256774755763

Richard +256782007262

James +256773146244


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